Name: Quantim

Age: 116 Years Old (human) 49 (radiation)

Personality: Being a mutated human being, Quantim feels slight pity for those he has killed, however he knows they are in a better place. He kills people to save them, for in his mind is is the only right thing to do. He kills to save.

Backstory: A man with a name lost in time was forced to go through experiments conducted on him through means or radiation during World War II. The radiation made him age much slower than us. When a man would age a decade, Quantim would age a year. It also gave him extreme strength and a small healing factor. Unfortunatly, too much radiation drives a man insane. He killed all the scientists and fled. Since then, he has been saving man from themselves. By killing them.

Weapon:  Anything available to him. If no weapon, then his bare hands.

Type of Monster:  Radiation

Number of Kills: 12

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